Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas at Orchard

yaki udon!yummy!

Shopping is my passion

Monday, December 25, 2006

I have been totally absorbed in my reading in hand,a kind of light book that doesn't require me to type my laptop keyboard too frequently searching for meanings of words.So I finished reading it pretty fast.And I have moved on to my second book.I got both of them last night,on my late night shopping at Jurong Point.I have been slacking since I came back from KL,kinda of moody and lazy,not feeling like doing anything at all,not even sleeping.I turned down two rigorous invitations by Eveline to attend the mass at Expo.I am so stubborn,gosh,I just realized this.I shouldn't have done that but I really couldn't help myself.My life has been out of track and I'm so lost myself.I am sorry and this is all I can do.
At night,I managed to summon all my efforts to go to Boon Lay Market to buy bus tickets for my family.I have been procrastinating the whole day and it was really time to kickstart everything although doing it seems like starting a cranky engine of an wrecked rusty old car.I have already made enough mess but I am not going to add some more...hopefully,given my current rueful mood.How to get out of this smothering world of my own?I don't know and don't care to know.I will eventually figure out the solution,if there is any.Back to the matter,I couldn't,and still can't,find any tickets for my family.I never expected this before.Thought it would all go smoothly.Thought I was able to get them effortlessly.Thought after getting the ticket it was still early to go to Jurong Point to unwind myself.I think way too much.All the plannings and thinkings are not working,apparently.I got to change my plan.I went to search for other travel agents,feeling wistful there were still tickets left.It is fruitless.I went to JP in the end.It was opened until 11 so I was not late for some shoppings.Feeling aimless,I rambled around,eyes wandering for something interesting.I ended up buying those two books I mentioned previously.That's all.HAHA.
It is not much better the next day.I couldn't sleep well and I woke up slightly too early.I began calling other travel agents,but the responses I got are unexplainably all the same!They are all booked until 31st Dec!Is it a plod,a conspiration to throw me deeper into my dispirited state,or what?
Today is Christmas day,which also means that it is only one day away before my family comes to Singapore.I made another effort to call to Konsortium,asking if they sold tickets from JB to Penang,and the answer is NO.Wah help!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

view of KL from Batu Caves

Hibiscus Garden
Aquaria KLCC

Sultan Abdul Samad building

Petronas Towers from KL Tower

Batu Caves

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I feel dizzy the whole day.I can't do things as effectively as I want,but it is better than doing nothing,wasting my time lying on my bed.So whenever I feel that I am capable of getting up,I sit in front of my laptop and well,do whatever stuff I can do.I am on my 5th book,and gosh,it is a very challenging book and frequently I find myself either flipping back and forth the pages of my dictionary or busily typing words in online dictionary.

Random Post

::It has been a nearly perfect holiday so far.Now I have stepped into the 12th day of my holiday.Time flies so swiftly.I do whatever I want to do without being stifled by oppressive duties and fixed schedules that so overwhelm me during schooltime.Of course there are still times when I feel melancholic and moody,amid the mirthful events I have.
::So far I have read 4 books with a grand total of 1740 pages.I need to slow down my pace,otherwise I run out of books within short time and get to buy new costly ones.Currently thinking of alternatives such as getting books from library but I doubt it has interesting books that I want to read.How if it is really unable to lure me to get some books out of its shelves?
::Before I went to bed last night,I skimmed my newly bought magazine whose content is basically advertisements.Well,I went through a quick look at the Christmas catalogue from Centrepoint,hoping that I could find some affordable stuff and was startled by the price of a 48-piece chocolates set from SINS Choc Shoppe,it is $92.40.Kinda of thinking that it is the true sin,spending so much money and storing fat into my body=.
::Three days ago,I went to JP for a quick walk around.I saw a very tempting offer from The Body Shop,45% for Olive Body Scrub.Yakk,I longed for it.But I didn't buy it in the end.Call me weird.Think I am transforming from being a spendthrift to being a skinflint.Or perhaps I am just being a freak since I'm in the middle of my financial crisis.I am so short of money that I didn't dare to get anything out of their shop when I went to Vivocity the day before except those irresistible packets of Swiss Delice from The Cocoa Tree.

Friday, December 08, 2006

ODAC Trip to Gunung Angsi,Negeri Sembilan

A night in Malacca
This is the highest point I could get
My yummy Dunkin Donuts

Dinner at a restaurant in Seremban

This is my first post after exam.Holiday has long started.And my trip to Gunung Angsi has just ended...
ODAC trip to Gunung Angsi this time isn't as exciting as the one to Cameron Highlands.The trekking is not as difficult as the previous one,apart from the cliff,but it is more tiring,much more tiring that I seriously felt like I was climbing the stairway to heaven.The trek is very steep and it goes all the way to the top.And I got the real challenge when I tried to climb the cliff.I was really scared.The climbing itself didn't really pose a challenge on me.What I really afraid of is the treacherous consequences if I lost hold of my grip and fell down.Nothing to back me up.It will be a play of my body and the hardness of the rock.I finally managed to reach the top.But by the time I reached there,I was so scared that my whole body was shaking.I didn't have the nerve to stand up and enjoy the view.The view is not as amazing as the one in Cameron Highlands.There are not much to take.I simply sat there.And trekking down was not better.Thank for the help of Munir and Shu Feng(he called himself a walking tree because of this haha.If not because of your help I might have fallen countless times,blame the slippery trek >.<).I was able to go back to the starting point safely.We spent a night in Malacca,in a great inn called Heeren Inn.The room was cozy,and equipped with TV and aircon!I bought some Dunkin Donuts while waiting for the bus to Malacca.I had yummy tom yam fried rice for dinner.Coming back from the trip,I rested the whole day.My muscle was aching I could barely bend my knees.It was a great torment for me to walk up and down the stairs.I need a time off before joining the next trip.And next time I will climb Bukit Timah hill first before I try the real scary hiking.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Fav

I love cheesecakes very much.But guilt always accompanies me everytime I buy one.This blueberry cheesecake pie from Hall2 Canteen is cheaper and is of smaller size than every slice of cheesecakes I have ever bought.Great!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My room half a year ago.Fanciful.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

See,I have just found some grammatical errors in my previous posts.My brain can't work properly these days.Today I even thought that perhaps I got the onset of schizophrenia or any neuronal degenerative disorders you can name.Know why?I was trying to do tutorial questions when I found myself writing T instead of teta.And I somehow misinterpret symbols,from + to X.And I calculated wrongly most of the time,even with the aid of calculator.Worse is that,this torture won't end until December 1st 16.30.Sianz.
Have been terribly busy these days.Preparing for exam is dreadful.I am freaking out.There are so many things I have to digest in so little time.And I am weird.I need more sleep than other people.There are students who are able to stay until 4 or 5 at night.Me?At about 8pm,I have begun to feel sleepy.I need at least 8 hour sleep every night in order to wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.If less than that amount of hour,I will feel that I haven't even slept.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A very late update from me.Not really because I don't have time to write the blog but more because I don't know what to write.Sometimes I feel that I talk too much nonsense.Sometimes I feel that I have disclosed too much,which leaves me feeling uncomfortable with myself.Apparently I am not the kind of people who likes to expose every bit of their feelings to others.I am fully aware of the nasty consequences of doing so.
Nowadays I find myself struggling with my own swinging moods.One moment,I may feel happy and cheery,but the next moment,I sunk deeply into the bad-mood sea.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Chocolate Fudge from Caffe Express


black sesame mua chee

kue putu

I didn't feel like writing anything.So I uploaded some photos instead.Hope that they depicted and represented what I wanted to say.
Tracing back my life some time ago was always an interesting thing for me.I like to read my diary written one year ago.From that,I knew that I had changed so much.Haha.Life was a funny thing.You lived your life once and that's it.No turn back time.No second chance.So better live out your best..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Finally back from ODAC trip!Whew,it was a great trip!Cameron Highlands was marvellous.The scenery was breath-taking.

finally reached the summit of Gunung Brinchang!
very cold(15 degree Celcius?)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Oh Oh

Late update.I was still alive.Terribly busy this week.Restless days and nights.Freaked out.Stressed up.Whatever haha.
I didn't think that I managed well for my tests and I didn't want to think about it anymore.I was so exhausted that I didn't care about getting good results anymore.All that I wanted was to have this torturous week ended and to have a good night sleep.
These days I devoted about 12 hours a day to study.It was like crazy.I woke up in the morning,checked my email,took shower,ate breakfast,then went to school 10 minutes before the lessons started.After school ended I went back to my room straight,trying not to waste even one minute of my time.Reached my room,I opened my book and started studying again.It was a very busy and stressful life.Assume that I was a ductile material.My stress-strain diagram had long ago passed through the proportional limit.I had gone through yielding,strain hardening,and had even reached the ultimate stress.I was necking and on my way to fracture stress..Luckily,one week recess stopped the process of fracturing.
I was going to Malaysia tonight.aiya.I shouldn't take this trip.I needed more sleep..This trip would be very tiring.My trekking bag was full with stuffs weighted around 5 kgs.I still had to carry 3 litres of water.How I manage to hike for about 3.5 hours carrying all those heavy stuffs I still haven't found out.Let's see haha.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Felt very tired today although I slept for 8 hours last night,just as usual.Lessons finished rather late today.I came out of the lecture theatre before the last lecture ended.Went to run at night.It had been 9 days since the last time I run.Ahh.Felt like getting weaker and weaker=(.It took around 40 minutes to run the big round.Got to improve if I was not to embarass myself during Fitness Assessment.Really run like a tortoise now haha.It was not the end of my somehow unlucky tales.I couldn't find my socks so I run with my unfriendly Fila shoes.It didn't feel hurt until I came back and found out that I got two blisters.It was painful.sob sob.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

privilege of staying in single room haha

Friday, September 15, 2006

Today I attended Biomat tutorial for the first time.So I practically didn't know anything.I didn't know the venue.I didn't know which questions I needed to prepare.I didn't even know who my tutor was.When I asked Shu Rui about her Biomat tutorial,she told me that this week the tutor didn't ask his students any questions.He simply explained the answers.I was somehow relieved as I didn't do anything.She also suggested me to sit on the back,so I could escape from the tutor.I followed what she told me.I really sat on the last row but this came out to be worse.I was asked to sit on the front.The tutor,who turned out to be our lecturer as well,told me not to be scared as he wasn't going to bite me.BUT he was going to punish me.=(((.He really asked me questions,which I was totally unable to answer.Then finally he secretly pointed to me the answers on my textbook,and later he asked me again.This time I only needed to read what he had pointed to me previously,pretending that it was me whose brilliant mind came out with such an accurate answer.=S.
I signed up for the Fitness Assessment.I haven't been running for one full week,and now I was wondering how it would be if I run on the event.Would I be like an OLD TORTOISE while others seem like tigers chasing their prey?I thought I really needed to get started again.Couldn't be that lazy all the time!Hope so...Given the facts that I have lots of quizzes and some assignments this week...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I would be busy today.I needed to repack and unpack my stuffs again,and although block 58 was just opposite the one I was staying now,it would still be a work to do.
I was having a meeting with Prof Foo Check Teck,who were interested in photography,tonight.He had invited some guys so that all of us could talk and share and know more about photography.Probably we would held an exhibition if conditions allowed us to do so.
Oh y,NTU ODAC came out with so many activities held during this oncoming recess.But the timing was against me!Most of the activities started on 22nd Sept.That meant that I couldn't join as I would be having my CA on that day and even on the next day.T_T.So there left one choice for me..I was not going to miss the last one.
I forgot to submit my lab report.See how blurred I was!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not really tired though I have been working all night long.Perhaps it was because I took a one-and-half-an-hour nap after coming back from school.I always wondered why I felt terribly sleepy every Tuesday.Though I had only grand total of 5 hours of lesson,I couldn't really study well.
Really needed to catch up with some subjects.These days my time was devoted mainly for techcomm proposal.Group work was really inefficient this time.The work was not equally divided.I was overwhelmed yet I tried hard to block my anguish from coming out of me.It was hard though as I was very emotional and impatient to see others weren't really responsible in doing their work.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sushi and Pasta

assorted sushi
I love seasoned jellyfish!
green tea mochi
herb spaghetti with mushroom sauce

red bean mochi

passion fruit mochi

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Viennese Chocolate Cake(from Caffee Express)

Tiramisu Cake(from Caffee Express)
Buster's Weekly Cheesecake(The Coffee Bean)

Little treats that always brighten my day and make me feel guilty at the same time =P.Not really afraid of getting fat,as I always run and run and run round NTU.It was said that the distance I covered was about 6km.Remember:I run,not jog.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Having been so busy these days,I hardly have time to think of anything else but school and school and school.This thing began to overwhelm me.But inspite of all of this,I managed to save some two or three hours to read novel and do some exercise.Planned to run,but the weather was always cold or it was always raining...So I did some indoor exercise instead.haha.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

This is my new blog.So far, I have written 2 blogs..But all of them are not published.haha.Initially I planned to publish them.I write and write,then somehow the contents become very personal and when I thought again,I felt like I couldn't disclose all of these stuffs to other people..I keep writing them,though.
Yesterday has been a busy day for me.I studied for about 10 hours.Actually I seldom study this hard on weekend.Isn't weekend for us to relax,after all?But there are lots of assignments and CAs within these oncoming two weeks.So I got to work hard!Oh recess,please come...
I have begun thinking about what I am going to do during recess.I clearly need retail therapy.I haven't got enough time to go shopping at Orchard Road and City Hall since the commencement of this new sem.I miss going out,walking around Orchard,admiring all the attractive-yet-so-expensive stuffs,and finally going back hall carrying lots of plastic bags(all of them filled with things that I know I better not buy =P).
Second year is tough already for me.Oh no.I am overwhelmed by the nine subjects I am now taking.I devote almost all my time to study.I read only 3 novels 1 month =(.I would have read at least 5 if I wasn't this busy!(Count on your blessings gal!Someday perhaps you wouldn't be able to sleep because you need to study haha)