Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday, March 04, 2007

This is the first time I took picture of what I purchase on my shopping sprees in Singapore hehe.The Cocoa Tree is having promotion on Swiss Delice chocolate,5 for only $12.Try the brownies one.Yummy!
Starbucks' less sinful mango cheesecake

Decoration at Chinatown
Side dishes at Thai Express
Carmen hadn't had her lunch

Gelare's unchallengable New York cheesecake

Gelare's sumptuous brownies
Chocz's Madagascar

Fire noodles!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rainbow Waterfall

the people
the view

Came back from ODAC trip really early in the morning,at 4 am to be exact.The trip is an experience.Serene told me that this was the easiest waterfall trekking so I expected something relaxing and easy.It didn't turn out so.We got to cross a stream,and although the water doesn't flow so fast,the force it creates does make me feel like being carried away.Before that we had a bumpy lorry ride which was unforgettable because it was so horrible.Once I was standing on the lorry to avoid the hefty impact of the bumping when suddenly some branches or whatever scratched my lip,making a line.It was painful!And because of the ride as well,my bottom ached for several days.And there were disgusting fire ants attacking us!They were all over my hair and body and it was just so frightful!To worsen it,they bite.Sigh!And our torturious moment didn't just end up there.We got to walk through the dreadful chunks of rock to reach the waterfall.I kept thinking of falling down and bumping my leg to the rock so hard and unforgivable as it is.The waterfall is amazing.The scenery worth the agonizing experience of trekking,though.The trekking ended early.We had time to walk around Berjaya Megamal at Kuantan.I did some shopping,buying a pair of new sandals,and two pairs of shorts.I also bought Famous Amos cookies(300g double chocolate chip with pecan)for my breakfast for 1 week.I tried Starbucks' American Brand Cheesecake which was disappointingly dry and unfresh.I have been drowsy these days so there was no problem for me to sleep.I slept everywhere.On the bus ride from JB to Kuantan,on the minivan ride from an eating place(seems like it is owned by the same man who leased the lorries to us and brought us there)to Berjaya Megamal,on the bus ride back from Kuantan to JB,and on the van ride from JB to Singapore.