Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Icing Room @ Jurong Point

Mango Paradise ($4.80)
Macha Tiramisu ($5.20)
I Love Lychee ($5.20)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Remind me to buy 'Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!) ' and rent 'Farewell My Concubine'.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How I Spent My Yesterday

::J. Co Donuts & Coffee
One for $1.40 or half a dozen for $7.50. This is actually the first time I bought J.Co in Singapore. I normally have it only when I go back to my hometown because the price there is only half the price in Singapore. And for sentimental reason I always believe that those sold in my hometown taste better. But since I haven't been home for quite some time, actually it is almost 1 year, and my craving for soft chewy J. Co donuts couldn't be curbed already, I gave in. And here is what I would be having for breakfast for three days. I hope the instruction to keep the donuts at about 18 degree C and reheat before consuming works good.

::Al Dente Trattoria
The $10 pizza is not available daily, contrary to what was advertised outside this eatery. In fact the waitress who served me and my friend told us that it was only served Monday to Thursday. It's called cheating isn't it. Anyway I had seafood linguine (or in the menu, it is written linguine con frutti di mare, whatever it means) while my friend had wagyu bolognaise. My friend was disappointed the meat was so minced she couldn't distinguish the taste of the beef. My linguine was also so so. Overally we agreed that the experience was okay only. For me, I don't think I will be coming back anytime soon, given the overrated price and the food that tends to be mediocre.
Seafood Linguine ($24)
Wagyu Bolognese ($19)

Prices are subjected to applicable taxes.
Al Dente Trattoria
Colors by the Bay #01-13
Singapore 039802

Milo Dinosaurs Float ($5.70). It first came with a whooping whipped cream at the top and a few dust of Milo powder which my friend complained about. The presentation was very different from the one depicted in the menu. Well I agreed with my friend, because I think it doesn't make sense if Milo Float was more of whipped cream than Milo itself. The picture right below was taken after the whipped cream in the initial float was discarded and replaced with Milo powder.
Banana Split ($8.50)
The initial Milo Dinosaurs Float.

Prices are subjected to applicable taxes.
Swensen's Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard #01-206/207
Marina Square 039594

::Out of the Pan
Seafood Jungle ($16.50). Not bad but not so good either.
Black Pepper Beef ($15)
Mushroom Soup with Bread Croutons ($9.50)

Prices are subjected to applicable taxes.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Days in Beijing

Super Unorganized Pics!

I have been missing for quite some time and so have the food photos but that doesn't mean I didn't eat. Anyway here are a bunch of pictures that I am going to sort out one by one. In the meantime enjoy the pictures first, as random as they are.