Monday, April 18, 2011

The Asian Kitchen

Pork Dumplings ($5.20) Chilli Soft Shell Crab Noodles ($11.90) Mushroom Duck Noodles ($8.90) Cereal Fried Rice ($9.70) Sour Plum Drink ($4.50)
Prices above haven't included applicable taxes.
The Asian Kitchen
1 Raffles Link
#B1-21 CityLink Mall
S (039393)


Jasmine Queen Tea ($11) Passion Fruit Cake ($9.50) Muffins (2 pieces $9)
Prices above do not include applicable taxes.
Marina Bay Sands S(018972)
The Icing Room's Chantillea ($15.80)

Jean-Philippe Darcis

Macaron Box of 5 ($15). Despite the luxurious shop and elegant-looking website, I have to say I don't quite like the macarons. They are average.
Jean-Philippe Darcis
2 Bayfront Avenue
Marina Bay Sands Shoppe #01-38
Eternity from Calvin Klein ($98), 50 ml, bought at Sephora

The Icing Room

Macha Tiramisu ($5.20)is also made with green tea just like Green Goddess, another type of cake sold at the shop, but I prefer the latter one. Cheesecake Bar (3 for $6, 1 for $2.20), available in three flavors of original, green tea, and coffee. Since I can't eat or drink anything containing coffee, I only bought the first two flavors. Both are good and the size is just nice for light dessert. Taro Mist ($14.80). Basically it is cake with yam mousse and cream. Like it!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Steamed Chive and Shoot Dumpling ($4.80) La Mian with Meat and Mushroom ($7.50) Baked Live Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk ($8 per 100g, minimal 200g) La Mian with Chicken and Seafood ($9) Xiao Long Bao ($4) Barley ($1.80) Prices exclude service charge and GST for dine-in and additional 30 cents for one towel.

Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-138J
Marina Square S(039594)

Swensen's Holland Village

Durian Supreme ($8.90)
Ice Cream Cake ($5.50)
Swensen's at Holland Village opens 24 hours. They also have gelato bar although if you want to eat it at the restaurant, you have to order something else from the restaurant.
Prices above exclude applicable taxes.
Swensen's Holland Village
251/253 Holland Avenue
S (278981)
Accessories from Artbox
Shoes and wallet from The Little Things She Needs
Thai Express' Tom Yum Hor Fun ($11.90, excluding taxes)

The Canelé Affair

One macaron is priced at $2.50, half a dozen $11.50 and one dozen $21.50, all inclusive of GST. I like the Andy Warhol-inspired wrapping design.
Canelé can be found at Robertson Walk, Shaw Centre, Paragon, and Raffles City Shopping Centre. Note the different opening time for each location.
The Body Shop is having 'Buy 2 Free 1' promotion so these three lovely soaps only cost me the price of two. Each is $4.90. The green colored one is olive scented, the orange colored one is mango while the creamy one is moringa.

The Icing Room

Green Goddess ($4.80), love the slightly bitter green tea! Coffee&Cream ($4.80), with caramel and crunchy bites. Like it!
Starbucks' Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack ($6.50), yum yum. Calories compensated with running extra laps.