Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zen Cafe - Shindo Art @ East Coast Parkway

Black Pepper Udon ($9.80), artfully prepared, with all ingredients making a good symphony of flavour.

Chicago's Steakhouse and 2am: Dessert Bar @ Holland Village

::2am: Dessert Bar
Prices exclusive of Svc charge.
Explanations were copied directly from the menu. All tasted fine and the place is worth second visit, especially if you appreciate the art of eating exquisite desserts.
Purple, purple potato puree, cassis parfait, leather,
lavender marshmallows, fruits of the forest sorbet
Strawberry & Sweet Milk, macerated strawberries, panna cotta, sweet milk gelee,
grapefruit marshmallow
Apaco Chilli Chocolate,dark chocolate bricks, fresh honeycomb, toast ice-cream,
white chocolate peanut butter, chocolate soil

::Chicago Steakhouse
Prices are exclusive of Svc charge and GST
Duck Confit ($22). I actually ordered Grilled Salmon, the entree listed just below Duck Confit. While saying the name of the dish, I pointed my choice to the waitress who quickly took down what she thought I was pointing. Lesson learnt today: If the waiter/waitress doesn't repeat your order, ask him/her to do so. You don't want to wait for another half hour for your 'right' dish to come. Anyway there seems to be no replacement even if they get your order wrongly. The waitress who took my order just said sorry and I dismissed her, not wanting to further the matter.
Funghi ($13)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Random Mobile Uploads

::Korean Restaurant (as stated on the name plate in front of the restaurant), somewhere at Jurong Kechil.
The first time I came here, it was with my IA supervisor (He is a Korean). The restaurant is run by Koreans and many of the patrons are also Korean. That means that you can expect an authentic taste. He treated my partner and me for a dinner and drink upon completion of our IA. I have always planned to revisit this restaurant but it is only after two years that I came back again. I was accompanying a friend to purchase something near Bukit Timah area, so I thought, well why not dine at this restaurant again. I ordered Bibimbap, Korean mixed rice that turned out to be super yummy and worth the price of around $10 (My friend paid for it and I forgot to get the receipt). The BBQ beef was sweet and tasty too. I particularly loved the 'starter', a selection of small plates of many things (mainly various types of kimchi).

::Durian Mpire
It was my first time dining in at this place and somehow I was disappointing. The Durian Durian that I ordered was just so-so, basically durian blended with crushed ice. Durian waffle was a bit to the crappy side as the waffle was poorly done. It was too flour-y and damp. The topping was good though so I was not totally let down.


All in ION Orchard

Goldkenn's Le Chef Chocolatier bought at The Cocoa Tree($23.10, 180 gram) available in 3 choices (Belgian, French and Swiss). My friend and I after trying the French ones decided that it didn't worth the rather hefty price I paid for it.
Nippon Ya's Oaso Milk Chocolate Daifuku ($13.50, U.P. $15, containing 20 pieces) Yi Kou Wei Heritage Taste's Popiah ($3 for 1, $5 for 2), definitely more tantalizing than typical popiah sold at hawker centres but the same defect still prevails: the veggie was constantly cooked, making all the sweetness and freshness taste of it gone. It tasted bland as all the flavors had been heated away. Lightbites from ThreeSixty Marketplace priced at $3.90 for two pieces.

Sephora's Body Scrub, Monoi Tiara and Chocolate Praline at $16 each.

Another Visit to Bakerzin

Sweet Pleasure ($6.90, excluding SVC charge - for dining in, and GST). The same old pleasure that captured my heart at the first bite (See http://theunwrittendeed.blogspot.com/2009/04/bakerzin-april-promotioncupcakes.html for my first post). The only drawback is that it is so difficult to eat this cake properly. Once you slice it, the layers all go off and run in every direction.

Jivara Cake ($9.80, excluding any applicable taxes).I have given this a try before (http://theunwrittendeed.blogspot.com/2009/04/bakerzin.html), difference is, I fall in love more on my second try. It didn't seem to be so captivated on my first try but now I truly fall for it.

MOF Ministry of Food @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

Chicken Meatballs ($7). I was totally in love with the salmon meatballs that I previously ordered and decided to go for the second round.

Salmon Meatballs ($7.80). A tad expensive considering its small serving but for me it worthed it.
Macha Mixed Imo ($6.80)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Yaki Yaki Bo and Haagen Dazs

::Yaki Yaki Bo
I love to see the foods prepared right in front of me by the chefs.

::Haagen Dazs

Mystique ($14.90, excluding SVC charge and GST). Wondering why everything is always very expensive here. Sometimes I think, after all, this is just three scoops of ice cream exquisitely decorated and presented. Anyway I still go for it, for reasons I myself don't comprehend.
Chocoholic ($16.90)