Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friends Restaurant @ Jelita

Here is what two 20-dollar coupon can get you at Friends Restaurant @ Jelita: two starters, one main course, one dessert, and drink. They were all in very mini portion and I have no idea whether this is what they usually serve or due to mini amount of money that we paid for. I should have checked their normal menu but I didn't. Though the serving size was a disappointment, the foods were good.
The drink was either coffee or tea. I chose the latter one, which came with milk.
The dessert
The main course: I chose dory fish. I can't recall the name of the dish. My friend chose back rib. I can't recall the exact name of the dish either. Additional $5 was charged for this main course.

Both my friend and I chose the same two starters: Wild Forest Mushroom Soup Served with Truffle Essence
and Chilled Angel Hair Pasta & Prawn Roe. In the menu card it was written that the dish would be served with crispy shrimp topping but I didn't find any.

Cold Storage Jelita Building
293 Holland Road Level 2
Singapore 278628
6463 1011
Dessert Box ($21.90). More worth it than ordering the item separately. The warm chocolate cake was still one of the best I ever had and the sorbet was really good too. The waffles were tasteless and the macarons were not how they used to be, sadly.
Baked Shell Seafood ($16.90). The cheese was a bit dry but what lied beneath it was the real deal. Squid, prawn, imitation crab meat, cooked with pasta in broth. I like it.
Arrabiata Penne ($9.90), simple but full of taste.

Chamomile Tea ($5.90)
Sparkling Strawberry Tea ($5.90). I don't usually drink carbonated water but this one was quite mild. I like its strawberry syrup too.
Prices above exclude applicable taxes.

63 Jurong Point Central 3
#03-58/59 Jurong Point
S (648331)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Privé Bakery Café

Privé is just a walking distance from HarbourFront. I phoned the café in the morning before I set off to ask if it was too late for reservation since I actually didn't plan to go there and was told that walk-in was just fine. The place, located at Keppel Bay, exuded wealth and opulence feel which may as well be right since the bay was surrounded by private as well as chartered yachts. There were booths promoting things, one of which was from Lufthansa. I thought it was offering flight tickets so I took one of the booklets and it turned out that it was to hire private jet. Not my league, not in a thousand years at least. Anyway the brunch was alright. The airconditioning inside the cafe was too cold for me and my friends but we didn't sit outside either since the sun was scorching. We were told by the waiter that took our order that it would take 30 minutes for the meals to be served since the cafe was crowded. It was okay for us since we came here to idle away the afternoon and indeed 30 minutes passed quite fast.
Apple Crumble Cupcake ($3.80)
Mango Charlotte ($6.80)
Cranberry Juice ($6)
Crispy Skin Pan-Seared King Salmon ($28)
Eggs Benedict ($16)
Smoked Salmon Salad ($14)
Tomato Soup ($11)

Applicable taxes haven't been included in the prices stated above.

Privé Bakery Café
Marina at Keppel Bay
2 Keppel Bay Vista

When I Craved for McD

Spicy nuggets (9 pieces) with seaweed shaker fries and ice lemon tea.

Honeymoon Dessert

Sweet Ball in Sweet Ginger Soup
Sweet Ball & Sweet Potato Soup
Durian in Vanilla Sauce with Green Tea Ice Cream
Sweet Ball & Almond Tea
Calypso Mango from Java Detour at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (large, $5). Do get some of the sugar sachets if unsweetened tea is not your cup of tea.

The Society Cafe @ Plaza Singapura

Lime Citrus Cake and Tropics (each priced at $6.60, exclusive of taxes). They are my new favorite. I can't really recall much and all I remember was that they were made of a few layers with some fillings and that I liked the taste a lot.
The Society Cafe
68 Orchard Road
#05-20 Plaza Singapura

Saturday Lunch

Pork Dumplings (6 pieces, $5.20)
Prawn Wanton Noodles ($8.90). The broth was mild and those who prefer stronger flavor can add some white pepper or even chilli padi to it.
Zha Jiang Mian ($7.20), basically minced meat and mushroom in sweet and sour sauce.
Cereal Fried Rice ($9.70). Fried rice with egg and diced imitation crab meats topped with cereal flake.
Applicable taxes haven't been included in the prices stated above.
Asian Kitchen
1 Raffles Link
#B1-21 Citylink Mall

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chicken Katsu (9.80), served in a cooker initially without egg. The egg was cooked in by the customer him/herself.
Tonpeiyaki ($8.80)
Cream Croquette ($7.80). There were scallop and crab meat bits in it.
Agedashi Tofu ($6.80)
Gyu Tsukune ($8.80), basically meat balls with egg in gravy.
Applicable taxes haven't been included in the prices stated above.

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
#B3-23 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
S (238801)

Friday Frenzy

Last Friday I had sudden craving for macarons, and not just any macarons but those from Canelé so after work, despite drained energy, I headed to Raffles City Shopping Centre. I planned to stay in my room for the whole weekend because I was really really fatigue these days and would like to have extra hours of sleep, of which I could only have during the weekends. So I packed myself a dozen of macarons. I chose 10 out of 11 flavors, leaving out the coffee one. So in the picture just below, from top right clockwise were violet, fleur de sel, violet again, strawberry, passion chocolate, hazelnut, rose, fleur de sel again, orange, lemon, chocolate (and maybe with something else), and pistachio. The price for a dozen is $21.50 while the price per piece is $2.50. I like them. I had 5 of them for my breakfast on Saturday which was one of the best ways to start a lazy weekend.

After getting the macarons, I planned to stop by at the restroom and on my way I stumbled upon Dessert Cup. The cupcakes on display looked pretty and I couldn't have but stop and have a look. I ended up buying two, French Earl Grey Banana and Fabulous Chocolat, each cost me $4.50. After which I went back happified. The Earl Grey Banana tasted better according to my opinion. The banana cake blended nicely with the chocolate cream topping.

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre

Dessert Cup
252 North Bridge Road

Raffles City Shopping Centre