Thursday, March 29, 2012


Orange Juice ($4.80) and Soursop Juice ($6). The latter one was really not good. Soursop flesh with seeds still attached and water, that's all. The flesh was not even blended with the water. Edamame ($2)
Tenzaru Set ($15), passable. Prices for lunch and dinner are different and are more costly for dinner. I was having this for lunch.
Saba Misoni Set ($16), not bad. Similar to the tenzaru set above, this dish is priced differently for lunch and dinner.

Prices are exclusive of taxes.

Akashi Japanese Restaurant
1 Harbourfront Walk
#B2-07/08/09 Vivo City

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday High Tea

I always like the design of the menu book.
Chocolate Milk ($6.90)
The Melting Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake ($16) with Vanilla Bourbon Ice Cream, Red Berries and an Iced Milk Chocolate Shot. It made my day.

Prices above are exclusive of GST.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-116, Vivocity S(098585)

Macarons at the Supermarket

It was my friend who pointed out to me packs of thawed macarons (one pack of two macarons is at $9.90) sold at NTUC Fair Price at The Clementi Mall. They were stored at open fridge and seemed to be originally from France. Since when I was in Paris last time I didn't get to find Ladurée shop selling those coveted macarons (though I had substantial amount of macarons bought from various shops around the city), getting some from a company called Chateau Blanc does not sound bad. I chose pistachio flavor out of 2 flavors available. The other flavor was strawberry. They were good but would taste much better if fresh. But since it is not possible in the meantime, they were as good as they could get. Visit the website at for more information of the products they offer.

Soap & Glory (Again!)

I bought this tin of Soap & Glory goodies for 50% off at Sephora ($25; U.P. $50). As always, I was looking for body scrub as I was running out of my current Burt's Bees' one. The cost of the scrub alone was already $24 so I guess it made sense if I added an extra $1 and got additional hand lotion, though I never used it before, and an apron. The inclusion of apron in this package actually amused me. I am still wondering what it has to do with the rest.

Meet and Greet with Andrea Hirata

Somewhere in the middle of February I went to Indonesian Embassy in Singapore for movie screening of "Laskar Pelangi", or "Rainbow Troops" in English, as well as meet and greet with Andrea Hirata, the author of the book from which the movie was adapted. He has authored a few other books as well.
On my way back after the event, I spotted a few chicken and chicks roaming at the courtyard in front of the embassy building.

The picture below was taken when I was about to reach Tanglin Mall by walking from the embassy.


I decided to try to make some bracelets after getting persuaded by a friend. The materials were all sourced from just one shop near the place where I am staying. Last January when I was in KL, I was looking for some shops selling beads but soon discovered that the bead types and the price were comparable to those I obtained in Singapore. Since most of the beads used in creating these bracelets had Swarovski elements in them, the cost was actually quite high.